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Air Pollution in ET for Mon 21 Sep 2020:


The overall air pollution in ET: value 1 out of 10 (1 = lowest, 10 = highest)D |


To see a specific graph please specify the parameters to the right. The default view within the index banded graphs is a colour background which matches the index system of Low (Index 1,2 or 3), Moderate (Index 4,5,or 6), High (Index 7, 8 or 9) or Very High (Index 10). Only the pollutants that have been assisgned an index band can be plotted within this section. Therefore some pollutants measured at certain stations may appear to be "missing". To view these pollutants please click the link below for the Base Data Graphs where all pollutants are available for graphing.

Alternatively, see the Current Readings page for today's measurements - again. you are presented with the option to view the banded data or base data.

For more information about air quality in the rest of the UK please see the Air Index Archive

See the Base Data Graphs here.

Please note all data is displayed as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

The data supplied are non-validated and for information only.

Please select a monitoring station:
Stroud (Thrupp)  
Stroud (Thrupp)
The Air Balloon, Birdlip  
The Air Balloon, Birdlip

You are able to view one substance for a maximum of six sites.

Select up to six montioring stations above and then choose a substance below.

Colour coding: Each station is represented by a colour (see the squares next to each station name). To see which station monitors which substance check the coloured squares under each pollutant.

Air Quality data
Stroud (Thrupp)graphic used for layoutChalford (Geralds Way)graphic used for layoutThe Air Balloon, Birdlipgraphic used for layout
Stroud (Thrupp)graphic used for layoutChalford (Geralds Way)graphic used for layout
Stroud (Thrupp)graphic used for layout



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