GMT: Thu 28 May 2020 20:30
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Air Pollution in ET for Thu 28 May 2020:


The overall air pollution in ET: value 1 out of 10 (1 = lowest, 10 = highest)D |

Current Readings: air quality data

Monitoring station: Stroud (Thrupp)
Last updated: GMT
Measurement Current Value Highest Reading Date and Time of
Highest Reading
NOx g/m3 g/m3
NO g/m3 g/m3
NO2 g/m3 g/m3
O3 g/m3 g/m3
PM10 g/m3 g/m3
Current Value = The 15 minute average
Highest Reading = Highest 15 minute average within the last 24 hour period

All data supplied are non-validated and for information only.

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