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Enviro Technology Services Plc is Europe's leading supplier of environmental monitoring systems for air quality monitoring, continuous emissions monitoring and industrial gas monitoring applications.

Established in 1983, ET continues to lead the way in the air pollution monitoring industry and operates out of its UK head office in Stroud, Gloucestershire where it has recently established a "state-of-the-art" training centre and a permanent air quality monitoring station.

The data supplied are non-validated and for information only.

Current Air Quality and Meteorological Readings from Air Quality

Enviro Technology’s innovative, forward thinking air quality website service is, without doubt, the very best on the market. Air Quality Data is a must-have for those organisations looking to add air quality data to their existing corporate websites, thereby creating an intelligent public display and information system.

The site features air quality pages that can be used by everyone, from environmental experts to the general public.

Make part of your corporate website is a content-managed website. Based on a unique template, the website can provide information from one, or a number of your monitoring stations.

Case Studies Air Quality Data - case study

Historic diffusion tube data, pollen data and other manual sources of environmental data can be imported and presented online.

This website service has been designed to provide information on air quality in general and, more importantly, to show up-to-the-hour data generated by clients monitoring stations.

Data & Reporting

Get your information displayed how you want it, where you want it. Using Enviro Technology's internet based data collection package or existing supported software; data can be presented on the site in many ways, including:

Alternatively, why not let Enviro Technology do the work for you. ET can not only manage your monitoring station, data collection and analysis, but can also look after your air quality pages, thus freeing up valuable resource time!

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Airquality data video

View the video to find out more about this service.

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The AQM station (Stroud – ET Thrupp) has been modified to measure only NOx, Ozone & PM10 levels in line with most LA monitoring programs.

(March 2014)


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